About Nathan

Nathan was the inspiration for the founding of the FONF in 2007. Born prematurely and weighing slightly over four pounds, Nathan was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy at 15 months old.

Told he would never walk, he took 50 independent steps at the age of 6. In the summer of 2012 he had surgery which included multiple muscle lengthenings and bone derotation of the tibia/fibula. After undergoing 4 weeks of intense daily physical therapy, Nathans walking ability is more functional than ever. Now he is able to move about independently.

Nathan is currently performing all day-to-day activities in his classroom and takes the bus to and from school. He continues to receive physical and occupational therapy in school and from Arlington Pediatric Therapy. He is enjoying his newly remodeled bathroom as he can now use it with little or no assistance. Nathan loves gym class and sports. He plays soccer in a soccer program for children with special needs. He loves playing soccer with his older siblings, Mason and Mia and is helping teach his younger brother Rocco to play the game. He also likes to draw and play basketball.